The Fatboy Velvet Pillow Collection consists of cushions as soft as velvet. The possibilities with this collection are endless, as the velvet cushions are available in different colors and shapes. It’s never been this easy to give a room a complete makeover with just a few accessories. These velvet cushions are part of Fatboy’s indoor Velvet collection. This allows you to bring even more style into your home, thanks to the luxurious footstools, super soft beanbags, and the fuzziest CO9 ever. Each type of velvet cushion has a polypropylene fiber filling and is made with polyester fabric that is resistant to pilling.

  • Material: Outer fabric: 100% polyster. Inner Fabric: non-woven polyester
  • Filling: Polypropylene fiber
  • Super soft
  • Pilling resistance
  • Hugh Hefner approved
  • Use: Indoor
  • Batchnumber: In bag, close to the zipper
  • Square: 50 x 50 cm | King: 66 x 40 cm | Rolster: 77 x 20 ø cm
  • Square: 0.85 kg | King: 0.85 kg | Rolster: 1 kg
  • Packaging: Square 50 x 50 x 5 cm | King 66 x 40 x 5 cm | Rolster 83 x 30 x 7 cm.
  • Product + packaging: Square 1,4 kg | King 1,45 kg | Rolster 1,6 kg.


Vekt 1 kg
Dimensjoner 70 × 20 cm

Rolster pillow Velvet

449.00 NOK


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Rolster pillow Velvet”

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